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Looking to the Constitution for Recovery Options Due to Seasonal Flooding

Earlier this year, Houstonians awoke to find most of their city underwater. This month, South Carolina experienced torrential rains that were so severe that—in some areas—the total rainfall exceeded the expected rain totals for a 1 in 1,000 year storm.

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Texas Supreme Court Reiterates Cost to Repair Property Must Be “Reasonable and Necessary”

In a subrogation case, what type of evidence is required to prove real property damages at trial? Many times, the only evidence of damages that is readily available is the property adjuster’s Xactimate estimate and testimony. As of late, this

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When is an Expert Report a Draft and When is it a Report? That is the Question.

When to draft an expert report is an area of disagreement amongst subrogation professionals, attorneys and experts. Typically the attorney will request that an expert wait to draft a report until discovery is complete and the deadline to designate testifying

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Subrogation in Louisiana: Differences and Opportunities

Louisiana. Home of the Big Easy, Mardi Gras and drive-thru daiquiri bars. Louisiana is also home to a unique legal system called the civil code system, which the Pelican State inherited from French and Spanish settlers. Basically, a civil code

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