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Indiana: New Home Warranties Must Be Insured

When faced with a subrogation loss involving a new or fairly new house, and a potential construction defect that caused the loss, one of the first things to look for is how warranties can help or hurt your case. Did

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Minnesota Supreme Court: No More Bright Line Anti-Subrogation Approach in Tenant Subrogation

The Supreme Court of Minnesota recently adopted a case-by-case approach to analyze whether a landlord or landlord’s insurer may sue its tenant. Ram Mutual Insurance Company v. Rusty Rohde d/b/a Studio 71 Salon, ____N.W.2d ____, 2012 WL 3822155 (2012). The

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Illinois Court Expands Reach of Implied Coinsured Doctrine

An Illinois Appellate Court recently issued an opinion which may make subrogating against a negligent tenant more challenging. Auto Owners Ins. Company a/s/o John Ellis v. Thomas Callaghan, 952 N.E.2d 119 (Ill.App.3d 2011) involved a landlord’s carrier that sued a tenant

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Houses Can Still Make Cents: Illinois’ Implied Warranty of Habitability

Residential construction defects are common occurrences in Illinois where numerous homes and condominiums quickly went up before the housing bubble burst.  Illinois’ expansion of the economic loss doctrine has made alleging tort theories against builders and vendors (those that sell)

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PTAC Fires Becoming Subrogation Opportunities

PTAC fires are causing a recent stir in apartment complexes and hotels. What is a PTAC, you ask? PTAC’s are Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners/Heat Pumps. They are self contained machines installed through the wall with a sub unit for each room, which

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